Attention: SumoBot will not be offered in 2022!

A robot tries to push one or two opponents out of a ring without being pushed out by the opponents themselves. The robot should recognize the ring and the opponents, its weight is limited.


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The registration deadline is 29.10.2023 24:00


Participation in the competition is open to children and youths from Germany or any other country who are at least 10 but no older than 20 years of age.

Age group 1: 10 - 13 years
Age group 2: 14 - 20 years


RoboRAVE Germany 2023

18.11.2023 - 19.11.2023

RoboRAVE Cyberspace 2024

22.06.2024 - 23.06.2024

RoboRAVE Germany 2024

16.11.2024 - 17.11.2024