Here you will find general information about RoboRAVE Germany. If there are any differences to the current conditions of participation, the current conditions of participation always apply.

Age groups

  • Participation is open to children and young people aged between a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 years.
  • Age group 1 (MS) : 10 - 13 years
  • Age group 2 (MS): 14 - 20 years
  • The age of the oldest team decides the classification in the respective group.
  • Decisive for the assignment to the respective group is the age on the first day of the competition.



  • A team consists of two to four members.
  • Membership in more than one team is not permitted.
  • A team can participate in several challenges
  • Only teams that take part in the award ceremony can win.
  • Each team will appoint a team manager who will register for the whole team.


  • shall be at least 16 years old.
  • may be a team member.
  • can register several teams.

Registration/administration of teams

  • The registration for the competition is now in 2 steps:
  • 1st manager registration: By registering via our manager platform you register as a manager for RoboRAVE Germany without any obligation and free of charge. You must be at least 16 years of age to register. You can decide later whether you would like to join in yourself or just guide the team. After verifying your e-mail address you will have access to the management platform my.roborave.de where you can get information and create several teams.
  • 2. team registration: With your manager account from step 1 you can create your first team after logging in. Only with the completion of a team registration payment liabilities arise. With your Manager Account you can also manage, add and delete team members and register further teams at any time.


  • Open platform: Any robot kit, including a self-developed robot, with a total value of up to 1500 EUR is allowed.
  • Any programming language is allowed
  • Bluetooth and any kind of remote control are prohibited.


  • At the competition there will be tracks for practising as well as exclusive tracks for scoring.
  • The scoring will generally take place on the 2nd day of the competition.
  • To be admitted to the scoring the robot has to be approved by the referees. How this approval looks like you can find in the rules of the respective challenge (see above).
  • There are no "before-event points" for this RoboRAVE.


  • A cost sharing of 10 € per participant is required, which the team manager transfers in full for the team. If a team member is a member of phaenovum the amount is reduced to 5€.


  • RoboRAVE Germany will be held this year in the Mehrzweckhalle Tumringen, Freiburger Straße 310; 79539 Lörrach.

  • Airport: The nearest airport is Basel Mulhouse Freiburg (BSL). The airport is jointly operated by Germany and France. Therefore, if you are arriving from abroad, please observe the applicable entry regulations.(F, CH).

  • Train:
  • The Swiss S-Bahn S6 and S5 take you, among other things, from Basel directly to Lörrach.

  • The closest ICE station (Deutsche Bahn) is Basel Bad. Railway station . From there there are direct connections to:

  • German entry regulations


Unfortunately, we are currently unable to offer discounts on hotel rooms in the vicinity. In Lörrach, among other things, the following overnight accommodations are available:

  • youth hostel Jugendherberge
  • SAK Old waterworks, youth center
  • Heimathafen, Hostel
  • And several hotels in Lörrach




Registration RoboRAVE

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The registration deadline is 16.06.2024 24:00
(RoboRAVE Cyberspace - online Competition)


Participation in the competition is open to children and youths from Germany or any other country who are at least 10 but no older than 20 years of age.

Age group 1: 10 - 13 years
Age group 2: 14 - 20 years


RoboRAVE Cyberspace 2024 (online)

22.06.2024 - 23.06.2024

RoboRAVE Germany 2024

16.11.2024 - 17.11.2024