26.06. - 27.06.2021 - 5th robot competition of phænovum, Lörrach, Germany


"Fun while Learning, Sharing, Teamwork" despite Covid-19 - RoboRAVE Germany goes Cyberspace!


The Event

26.06. - 27.06.2021 - 5th robot competition of phænovum, Lörrach, Germany


Moderated livestream from 2 to 4 pm on the RoboRAVE Germany YouTube channel.

We thank Busch Vacuum Solutions for providing the streaming studio and equipment!



2-2:15pm Welcome, introduction of the teams, tracks & rules
2:15-4pm Scoring with streaming of solutions & time for questions from the teams to the RoboRAVE Germany Team
4pm Farewell & end of the moderated livestream


2-2:15pm Welcome, introduction of the teams, tracks & rules
2:15-3pm Scoring with streaming of solutions & time for questions from the teams to the RoboRAVE Germany Team
3:30-4pm Award ceremony
4pm Farewell & end of the moderated livestream



We have expanded the Open Roberta Lab and developed new challenges especially for RoboRAVE Cyberspace. Equip your robot model with sensors and program it to find its way around new tracks in the 2D simulation. Experience the performance of the participating robots in the livestream and meet like-minded people in the video chat.

Start playing now!


Line-Following Challenge

Your robot should follow a line to the obstacle at the end, turn there and drive back again. Crossings with dead ends make it difficult to follow the line.


Labyrinth Challenge

Your robot should drive through the labyrinth as fast as possible. Depending on the division, there are dead ends from which the robot must find its way.


Rainbow Challenge

The paths of the game board are coloured in random order. Your robot should follow the paths one after the other in the order of the rainbow to the obstacle and back.



The rules of RoboRAVE Cyberspace in English are here (rules in German).



As always, there are challenges of varying difficulty for three divisions ES (elementary school, younger than 10 years), MS (middle school, 10-13 years) and HS (high school, 14-20 years). In RoboRAVE Cyberspace you may choose the division regardless of your actual age. Each team must commit to a single division for RoboRAVE Cyberspace, which then applies to all challenges. The division determines the difficulty and the prize money to be won.



Here you will find, as usual with RoboRAVE, the tracks in advance for practicing - without registration, without costs. If you are ready to accept the challenge, register now to win the prize money in one or more challenges. But be prepared that your robot has to perform on an unknown track on the day of the competition.

To participate at RoboRAVE Cyberspace you have to register. There is no registration fee for RoboRAVE Cyberspace. All participants must be in a team. Depending on the desired form of participation (everyone makes their own programme/all work together) teams can consist of 1 to 4 people. After entering the participant data via the menu item "Create team" the participants will receive an e-mail. In addition, after registration, each team can access an account in the manager portal with which they can log in to cyberspace.roborave.de to save programs and submit them later for evaluation. The account data must be passed on to the teams by the manager.  The manager must obtain the parents' consent to the conditions of participation and data protection. The deadline for registration is 24.06.2021 24:00. But the earlier you register, the earlier you will have access to the RoboRAVE Cyberspace account which allows you to store programs in our OpenRoberta Lab instance.


Live Videochat

Participation in the live video chat is optional and voluntary. Access data is sent to the managers by e-mail. If you have any problems, please contact us as soon as possible by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., stating your team name.

We thank Lörrach Innovativ and Rotary Club Lörrach for providing the video conferencing system!



From Sat. 0am to Sun. 12am each team may submit one solution per challenge per hour, which will be scored. If possible, the scoring takes place during the moderated live stream, and depending on the number of solutions, also afterwards and before on our computer. The best scored solution counts for the overall score.



For preparation there will be RoboRAVE Warm-Ups where we will explain the Open Roberta Lab and the challenges. The Warm-Ups will take place online or if possible hybrid on site at phaenovum and live via video chat. Register now!



What do I need a RoboRAVE Cyberspace account for and how do I get one?

Every team gets its own account. This account is later important for the submission of programs. But even before the competition the account offers numerous possibilities, e.g. saving programs. To get an account a registration of a team by a manager is necessary. This takes place under my.roborave.de/registration.php

Where can I find my RoboRAVE Cyberspace account for the OpenRobertaLab?

The access data is displayed to the manager in the manager portal at my.roborave.de in the sidebar under the menu item Team Name - RoboRAVE Cyberspace.

When can I submit my solution?

Every team can submit solutions from the 1st day of the competition. These solutions will then be evaluated promptly, so that feedback can be given before the final submission.

How often can a solution be submitted?

In principle, there is no limit to the total number of submissions. However, in order to ensure a timely response, only one solution per challenge and division may be submitted per hour.

How can I submit a solution for evaluation?

If you are logged into OpenRoberta with your team's account, a new icon (cloud icon) will appear in the menu bar at the top of the page. By clicking on "Submit Solution" a new window will open where you can enter your challenge and division and your solution will be marked for evaluation.

Where can I check the status of my submitted program?

In the manager portal at my.roborave.de you can find an overview of all submitted programs in the sidebar under the menu item Teamname - Submitted Programs. In the column Rating you can see the rating status. If there is already an evaluation, click on the entry to see more information.

I am not satisfied with my rating / Something did not work with the submission.

Please contact us as soon as possible by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your team name.


Der Sensorblock XY funktioniert nicht. Warum?


Einige Sensoren sind in der Simulation nicht verwendbar und es erscheint eine entsprechende Warnung. Sie sind dazu gedacht auf einem realen Roboter eingesetzt zu werden. Für den RoboRAVE Cyberspace sind diese Sensoren daher nicht brauchbar.

Lediglich der Infrarotsensor erzeugt keine Warnung , funktioniert nicht  und verlangsamt die Simulation. Bitte verwende stattdessen den Ultraschallsensor.


Not all colours are recognised in the Rainbow Challenge HS. Why?

In the Rainbow Challenge HS the two colours orange and violet are recognised as grey. This is because they are not included in the predefined colours of Open Roberta Lab. But the problem can be solved by using RGB values.

To do this, you have to go to the "Experts" section of Open Roberta Lab. You can access this by clicking on the two with the asterisk at the top of the programming area.


When you are in the expert area, some more programming block sections appear, including the "Lists" section.



 In the list block you can then specify the RGB value, the first number with the red value, the second number with the green value and the third with the blue value. All colour values for the paths of the Rainbow Challenge HS can be found in the rules.

To compare the value with the detected value, under "Sensors" you have to select the block "give colour colour sensor port x" and set colour to RGB.



With the logic block "=" you can then compare the two values.



If you have further questions please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

 Stay healthy and take care of each other! We hope to see you all on site again at RoboRAVE 2022!


Registration RoboRAVE

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The registration deadline is 24.06.2021 24:00


Participation in the competition is open to children and youths from Germany or any other country who are at least 10 but no older than 20 years of age.

Age group 1: 10 - 13 years
Age group 2: 14 - 20 years


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