Frequently Asked Questions - Cyberspace


Every team gets its own account. This account is later important for the submission of programs. But even before the competition the account offers numerous possibilities, e.g. saving programs. To get an account a registration of a team by a manager is necessary. This takes place under my.roborave.de/registration.php

The access data is displayed to the manager in the manager portal at my.roborave.de in the sidebar under the menu item Team Name - RoboRAVE Cyberspace.

Every team can submit solutions from the 1st day of the competition. These solutions will then be evaluated promptly, so that feedback can be given before the final submission.

In principle, there is no limit to the total number of submissions. However, in order to ensure a timely response, only one solution per challenge and division may be submitted per hour.

If you are logged into OpenRoberta with your team's account, a new icon (cloud icon) will appear in the menu bar at the top of the page. By clicking on "Submit Solution" a new window will open where you can enter your challenge and division and your solution will be marked for evaluation.

In the manager portal at my.roborave.de you can find an overview of all submitted programs in the sidebar under the menu item Teamname - Submitted Programs. In the column Rating you can see the rating status. If there is already an evaluation, click on the entry to see more information.

Please contact us as soon as possible by e-mail to wettbewerb@roborave.de with your team name.

Some sensors are not usable in the simulation and a corresponding warning appears. They are intended to be used on a real robot. Therefore, these sensors are not usable for RoboRAVE Cyberspace.

Only the infrared sensor does not generate a warning , does not work and slows down the simulation. Please use the ultrasonic sensor instead.

In the Rainbow Challenge HS the two colours orange and violet are recognised as grey. This is because they are not included in the predefined colours of Open Roberta Lab. But the problem can be solved by using RGB values.

To do this, you have to go to the "Experts" section of Open Roberta Lab. You can access this by clicking on the two with the asterisk at the top of the programming area.


When you are in the expert area, some more programming block sections appear, including the "Lists" section.



 In the list block you can then specify the RGB value, the first number with the red value, the second number with the green value and the third with the blue value. All colour values for the paths of the Rainbow Challenge HS can be found in the rules.

To compare the value with the detected value, under "Sensors" you have to select the block "give colour colour sensor port x" and set colour to RGB.



With the logic block "=" you can then compare the two values.


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Participation in the competition is open to children and youths from Germany or any other country who are at least 10 but no older than 20 years of age.

Age group 1: 10 - 13 years
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RoboRAVE Cyberspace 2024 (online)

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